If you or a family member may need long term nursing home care, you want information about preserving your home and savings.  We all know how expensive a nursing home stay can be.  It can decimate your life savings.

With planning, you can preserve your home and some or all of your life’s savings in case you do need a long nursing home stay.  Then, if you do need to go to a nursing home, your home may not have to be sold to pay for your care.  And you may be able to qualify for Medicaid assistance so you don’t have to spend all of your life’s savings.  Likewise, if you are married, this planning can help ensure that your spouse at home is not left destitute.

If you have questions about planning for Medicaid eligibility and preserving your assets, we can provide you with reliable information.  You may get conflicting information or inaccurate information from well-meaning friends or family.

For more information, read our Free Report about Kentucky Medicaid eligibility.