For years, estate planning has focused on things like taxes and probate costs.  Planners have offered clients solutions to these problems without realizing that there were other things that really concerned the clients.

By listening to our clients, we have discovered that they want to do more than saves taxes and reduce probate costs.  They want to be sure that their children and grandchildren are prepared to wisely handle the wealth that they inherit and that more than just wealth can be transferred to children and grandchildren.

We call this “legacy planning” because you are using your estate plan to create a true legacy for your family.

Do you recognize any of the following items as your family legacy?

  • Stories:  Are there unique stories about family members that you want to pass to your descendants so that the stories are preserved for future generations?
  • Heirlooms:  Maybe there are special family heirlooms that you want to preserve.
  • Values:  Are you involved in community service and want to instill that value in your children?

If you are concerned about creating a legacy and transferring the right values to your loved ones, we are equipped to help you.