The death of a loved one brings many challenges to a family.  The grieving process can uncover or magnify family discord.

Lowry & Lowry is uniquely qualified to help your family deal with these challenges.  Ed Lowry has co-authored a book on estate and trust settlement and has taught attorneys at national conventions about various probate-related issues.  He has over 30 years of experience in settling estates and has settled hundreds of estates through probate.

Lowry & Lowry can help your family minimize the headaches and arguments that can occur during the probate process.  They use their experience to anticipate and head off problems before they develop.

Lowry & Lowry’s goal is to complete the probate process quickly and smoothly.  The firm uses checklists and guides to assist the Executor or Trustee in the settlement process.  But more importantly, Ed and Ben Lowry and their staff are there to provide wisdom and experience to answer an Executor’s or Trustee’s questions that arise during the probate process.

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