Protecting Your Child’s Inheritance

Dear Friend,

At Lowry & Lowry, we have been helping people with their estate planning for over 37 years.  We have seen inheritances blown by children in a just a few short years.

That’s why we’ve put together a Special Report that shows you why it is important to protect your child’s inheritance and the different ways to do that.

Here are just a few things, you will learn:

  • Why you need to protect your child’s inheritance
  • How a trust can keep your child from quickly blowing an inheritance
  • Why trusts can even help children who are very responsible
  • How long a trust for your child should last
  • Who should be in charge of your child’s trust
  • What happens to your child’s trust if  your child dies

Call our office at (502) 587-7754 or email us and we will promptly mail you this special report.

Request our Free Special Report and see if a trust could help protect your child’s inheritance.