Edwin J. Lowry, Jr.

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Few attorneys have enjoyed the wide range of legal experience that fills out Ed Lowry’s resume.  During the first 7 years of his practice, his work included such areas as family law, real estate, bankruptcy, personal injury and business law.  But for the last 30 plus years, he has concentrated in the areas of Estate Planning and Probate.  And with good reason.

“Estate planning is one of the most professionally satisfying areas of law”, says Lowry.  “When done properly, it can give clients an enormous sense of gratification and peace of mind.  By emphasizing plans that actually work, we help clients preserve and protect their assets from taxes, probate expenses and creditors.  We can also make sure that a client’s home and life savings are not lost to nursing home expenses.  We work hard to streamline the settlement process so beneficiaries can receive their inheritance quickly and without undue expense.”

A public speaker, Ed frequently presents workshops on estate planning.  In his workshops, Ed explains in layman’s terms how trusts can be a great planning option for protecting assets for yourself or your family.

Ed is a native of Louisville and obtained his education at the University of Louisville.  Ed graduated With Highest Honors in earning his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Louisville in 1976.  He also attended law school at the University of Louisville and graduated second in his class.  He was admitted to practice law in the State of Kentucky in 1979, and has been in private practice since that time.  He is member of the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the Louisville Bar Association.

Ed is also a member of WealthCounsel, which is a organization of attorneys from across the nation who are dedicated to doing Estate Planning a different and better way.  Many of the members of this organization are recognized experts in specialized areas in Estate Planning and are available as consultants to Mr. Lowry.

Ed co-authored a book on Trust Settlement and taught trust settlement to attorneys at national conventions.  He also has a special interest in estate planning for retirement plans, and authored “New IRS Rules for Retirement Plan Distributions”, which was published by the Louisville Bar Association BarBriefs in June, 2001.

Ed is married and has 3 children.  He enjoys playing golf and tennis.

You are invited to call or email Ed with your questions or comments.  There is no charge for your first phone call or consultation.  If you would like more information about a specific area of estate planning, just ask for a Free Report on the topic of interest to you.

Ben T. Lowry


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In 2013, Ed’s oldest son Ben Lowry graduated from the University of Louisville School of Law ranking third in his class.  During law school, Ben received numerous academic awards, including the Andrew J. Young Writing Award as well as the Highest Grade Award in 8 different classes.   In addition, Ben served as the Notes Editor for the University of Louisville Law Review, during which time he wrote an article that has since been published and cited by other commentators.  For those who are interested, a copy of Ben’s article can be found here.

During the first year of his career, Ben served as a judicial law clerk for U.S. District Judge Charles R. Simpson, III, in the Louisville Division of the Western District of Kentucky.  As a law clerk, Ben had the opportunity to work closely with Judge Simpson and other court personnel, allowing him to learn the intricacies of legal procedure and courtroom practice.  After clerking for Judge Simpson, Ben was hired as a business litigation associate at Middleton Reutlinger in September 2014, where his practice ranged from general business litigation to complex estate and trust litigation.

After about two years at Middleton Reutlinger, Ben joined Ed’s practice in June 2016 and began focusing his practice on estate planning, estate settlement, and business planning.  Since joining Ed’s practice, Ben has used the litigation experience he gained as a law clerk and business litigation associate to expand the breadth of the firm’s practice areas while bringing new perspective to the firm’s estate and business planning practice.  Moving forward, Ben is eager to continue to develop his knowledge and experience in the areas of estate planning, estate settlement, and business planning in order to ensure a smooth transition when Ed eventually retires.

Ben is married.  Ben enjoys camping, hiking, playing tennis, and finding other ways to stay active.  In his down time, Ben enjoys playing chess in local tournaments or online.

Sara Largent

Funding Coordinator/Paralegal
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Sara Largent serves as the Funding Coordinator for the firm’s estate and business planning clients, as well as the Paralegal for the firm’s estate settlement clients.  Sara joined the firm in 2011 after attending the University of Notre Dame for college, and then graduating with a law degree from the University of North Carolina.

When an estate planning client chooses to establish a revocable living trust, the client’s assets must be transferred to the name of their trust through a process called “funding”.  As Funding Coordinator, Sara assists clients with all aspects of the funding process from start to finish, including preparing change of ownership forms for titled assets, such as real estate or vehicles, as well as change of beneficiary forms for life insurance policies and retirement accounts, such as 401ks or IRAs.  This relieves the firm’s clients of the headaches and hassles of dealing with these transfers themselves.

After preparing the necessary forms, Sara works with the client to make sure that they are properly completed with all required information.  Once they have been properly completed, Sara mails or faxes the forms to the appropriate office for processing.  In the following weeks, Sara continues to work with the client to assist them in obtaining confirmations for each asset or account in order to ensure that they are correctly titled so that the client’s estate plan will work as intended.  After obtaining all necessary confirmations, Sara prepares a final closing letter for the client’s review that summarizes all the work that was completed during the funding process, including any assets or accounts that were not funded, and contains the applicable confirmations for each asset or account that was funded.

In addition to her duties as Funding Coordinator, Sara serves as the Paralegal for the firm’s estate settlement cases.  Among other things, Sara prepares the initial draft of reports or other documents that must be submitted to the court, such as periodic or final accountings, assists in preparing documents needed to transfer assets to the estate’s beneficiaries, such as deeds or assignments, and gathers various types of information needed to complete any applicable tax returns.  This helps reduce the overall cost of estate settlement and thereby maximizes the inheritance that will ultimately be received by the beneficiaries of the estate.