Our Practice

Licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana, Lowry & Lowry is conveniently located in Louisville, Kentucky, where we serve clients in both Louisville and Southern Indiana. Lowry & Lowry is dedicated to helping families and business owners build, protect and preserve their personal and financial legacies.  That’s why our primary practice areas consist of estate planning, estate settlement, and business planning.

Our History

Originally established in 1979, Lowry & Lowry was initially formed when Edwin J. Lowry, Jr., began practicing law with his father, Edwin J. Lowry, Sr., shortly after graduating law school.  Ed Sr. was raised during the Great Depression in Middletown KY, where he attended Anchorage High School.  Shortly after graduating high school, Ed Sr. enlisted in the Army Air Corps and served as a radar navigator and bombardier aboard a B-17 bomber during World War II.  After the war, Ed Sr. obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville, and then later went on to attend the University of Louisville Law School.  In 1950, Ed Sr. graduated with his law degree ranking 7th in his class, and shortly thereafter went into private practice as a general practitioner.

Building on the values he learned growing up in the Great Depression and serving in the military during World War II, Ed Sr. gradually developed a successful private practice spanning various practice areas.  Eventually, Ed Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps, also attending the University of Louisville to obtain his undergraduate degree and law degree. Like his father, Ed Jr. graduated from law school near the top of his class, ultimately ranking 2nd.

After graduating law school, father and son formed the law firm of Lowry & Lowry.  While Ed Sr. had been a general practitioner for his entire career, Ed Jr. eventually convinced him to focus on the areas of estate planning and estate settlement, which has since formed the core of Ed Jr.’s practice.

Ed Sr. retired in 1988, leading Lowry & Lowry to be temporarily dissolved. After Ed Sr.’s retirement, Ed Jr. continued his legal career as a partner at Conliffe, Sandmann, & Sullivan, where he focused primarily on estate planning and estate settlement as well as  business planning.  He now has over 30 years of experience in these areas.  You can learn more about Ed here.

In 2013, Ed’s oldest son, Ben Lowry, graduated from the University of Louisville Law School.  Like his grandfather and father, Ben graduated near the top of his class, ultimately ranking 3rd.  After graduation, Ben clerked for U.S. District Judge Charles R. Simpson, III, and then worked as a litigation associate for the firm of Middleton Reutlinger. After practicing for three years, Ben joined Ed’s practice in June 2016 by becoming a partner at Conliffe, Sandmann, & Sullivan, and they began planning to re-constitute the firm of Lowry & Lowry.  You can learn more about Ben here.

On January 1, 2017, Lowry & Lowry was officially formed as a Kentucky Professional Limited Liability Company serving clients in Kentucky and Indiana.  Ed and Ben look forward to preserving and growing the legacy they have inherited from Ed Sr. by continuing to provide the highest quality legal services to their clients.

Our Philosophy

As a third generation practice, we know the importance of leaving a legacy for your family, especially your children and their descendants.  Too often people view a person’s legacy exclusively in terms of financial wealth.  However, at Lowry & Lowry, we believe a person’s financial wealth is only part of the much larger legacy of values and traditions that they leave for their loved ones.  For that reason, we focus our planning on transmitting not only financial wealth but also passing family values through generations.

When the time finally comes to implement an estate plan, whether through probate or trust administration, we will be there to help streamline the process and minimize the headaches that many families encounter.

We take these same principles and apply them to our business planning philosophy.  Whether it’s initially forming business entities or developing business succession plans for already successful business owners, we take the time to get to know you and your long-term business goals so that we can design a plan that works for you while you are alive and still able to run your business, and that will ensure the continued success of your business long after you are gone.